University Life

Come with me and you’ll see a world of?

Hello everyone,

I am very excited to be writing my first ever blog post for you guys!

I thought to start with I would explain a little about just what you can expect when looking at my blog. So evidently from the featured photo you can expect some hilarity – am I right?  I will be posting my laughs from uni, my funny puns and word plays and the embarrassing moments that are most definitely going to occur.

You can also expect rambles and rants. I tend to waffle and over write when I care about something so when I get annoyed at the guy who’s oyster card doesn’t work you can expect me describing in every detail what I wish I’d said and that guy who’s fingers were way to hairy on the tube – every detail about how I would have got rid of said hair.

Okay, maybe outfits of the day and makeup tips but I’m no expert so it will be an everyday girl telling you about that bargain skirt she got from Primark and how for once she managed to get even winged eyeliner (HOW DO THEY DO IT?!)

Plus some work about theatre criticism, articles etc as an opportunity to publish my work so I can practice for my future hopeful Journalism career.

So if you hate the sound of that then leave.

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis


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