University Life

The return to uni

So after a very unsuccessful reading week (by that I mean not much reading) I am stood on a freezing platform awaiting the 8.24 to London.

What did I achieve in my reading week if not reading? Well I saw my brother graduate, watched 40 episodes of desperate housewives and discovered I am terrified of horror movies, so all in all not too shabby unless you are my crazy rapper of a lecturer who probably read the entirety of Shakespeare’s works in his week off.

So back to my English degree second half of the first semester of my first year and I’m sat on the train now thinking about just what I have achieved since last year. I’ve overcome fears and anxiety and am now a commuter which is nuts this time 365 days a go I wouldn’t have left the house for a bottle of milk I was that anxious! But hey look at me now taking a selfie on the station platform without a care in the world.

Today is a big day at uni anyhow as it’s my presentation for ‘Modernism and creativity’ aka a whole lot of humiliation in order to do well and also getting my first essay brief gah. I also have my first committee meeting as president of the English Society! So very exciting stuff going on but very anxiety provoking stuff too. If you readers out there struggle like I do to control my serotonin levels then here’s some advice – think of the end goal. I always think well if I have to make myself look a wally to get my first then what the heck and also deep breaths help (said every person ever!) No but seriously don’t imagine them naked, don’t imagine them on the loo, remember they are your equals so if they are naked you are too! no one can intimidate you unless you let them, remember how and why you are in that space. One thing an actual useful counsellor told me to do was to find 5 things for each sense in the room so 5 smells,  5 sounds etc and it’s really good!

Anyway that’s me for now as as I’ve mentioned a billion times I’ve got uni!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis

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