Waking up to the sound of TRUMPets

Oh dear America how I feel for you. I’m so gutted that Hilary didn’t win but we can’t look back we can only look forward and prepare and support you in any way we can.

The man who rolls in Wotsit crumbs has been elected and we are fearful so I can’t imagine how fearful you must be. But we aren’t silly we won’t let him do anything extreme Britain will stand by you, I hope.

It’s time to stand together and side by side as nations and prepare and care about the future. Trump may have some extreme ideas and these ideas may strike you as mad but it’s obvious this is what the country wants as he won so we can only look to you and not be angry but support your choice. We may not agree like myself but we just have to help you get through the next four years without judgement but kindness. It’s time as Trump himself says to stand together as one people.

I just pray that you guys will stand up against him if you disagree. Don’t let him take away the rights you have worked so hard for especially you beautiful women who deserve a voice. Don’t let him be too powerful as it’s your country and your future at stake not just his. Remember you are all wonderful and all deserve to be the creative, independent and individual citizens that you all are.

So stand as one. Support each other and be gracious in your disbelief. Help one another through this time and if need be I have a spare room in the UK!

Much love and my prayers,

Hannah Jayne Artis

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