If you look close enough love, actually is all around 

Ah the infamous words of Hugh Grant in ‘love actually’ my first Christmas movie I’ve watched this year!

The message is clear, you can find love everywhere even in the smallest acts. A telephone call, a hug, tipping the waiter and a funny gif. If you look around you, you will see it anywhere.

This is so important to remember. You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a couple days the reason being my grandfather has taken ill, suffering not only from a heart attack but a stroke too. This hit home for two reasons 1) the obvious, the fear of losing someone you love and imagining life without them and 2) the fact I have lived without him for the last four years. Our family has been through some rough stuff in the last 5 years and it resulted in not really seeing my grandparents. So when my grandma called me I knew something had gone down and instantly we all are going to London to see my grandpa forgetting the last four years. So love is gonna be all around him. It might be hard but we are gonna get through it to support my dad, grandma and of course my grandpa.

So remember guys look for the love and keep up the acts of love. Don’t leave anyone behind.

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis

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