Ahh I got inked 🌸

Everybody today I got my first tattoo! And it took so much courage and guts walking into the parlour and talking to the scary bearded men but I did it and I love it! So here it is…

So you may be think damn that’s pretty (well I hope you are!) but to me it’s also symbolic you see you start at the bottom, the squiggly lines represent my struggle through anxiety and then it results in me being able to blossom and use my anxiety to my advantage. The three dots at the top are a vertical elipsis for what is next now I am a lotus, you see?

Anyway I totally recommend getting a tattoo if you want one! My ribs are aching and it felt like a cat scratching me constantly but the outcome is so worth it 🌸

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis

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