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*warning extreme fan girl post*

Oh my god, Harry Potter has hit the screen once again and was so magical. It’s the first of four movies, I repeat four movies and it’s got a stellar cast from Eddie Redmayne to Colin Farrel and even Johnny Depp!

If you are expecting the same sense of Potter that you are used to you will be disappointed because this has a whole new vibe don’t get me wrong it’s got the spells, the stories and the monsters that we all now and love but it’s a new world that we haven’t seen before. It’s got romance, better visual effects, new schools and comedy. It’s light yet dark and has wonderful humour that will make you laugh like you have drunk some giggle water.

Watching Eddie Redmayne portray this awkward, shuffly Newt Scamander was just like I imagined it would be. His demeanour, his delivery and his attitude towards the character was so wonderful and I hope he is the next few.

I’m not going to ruin the twist but ahhhh crazy! That’s enough said haha!

I love this series and it has helped through some tough times, that sounds cliche but watching Harry fight the dementors made me think I could fight my own ‘darkness’ as it were.
Anyway that’s me!

Much love,

Hannah ‘wishes she was a wizard’ Artis

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