Hello winter 

So the Jack Frost visited this morning and brought a cold wind and well, frost. So is it time to say it’s officially winter?

I think so! So hello winter! My favourite time of year for many reasons…

1. MY BIRTHDAY! I’m turning 20 years of age or 7120 days old. So crazy that my teens are nearly over, getting my tattoo was definitely my rebellious phase so I feel I’ve walked out of my teens with something to remember them by.

2. Christmas, obviously! I love this day so much and I’m in charge of cooking this year so dominos should expect a mass order. Also I’m poor living off student money so I’m making all the presents which is gonna be cute and messy; me and baking create quite the explosion in the kitchen, the dog even gets flour on her nose!

3. Snow snow snow! The cold weather surely is gonna bring some snow?! I love it although my trains don’t, but a valid excuse to get out of lectures surely that’s every students dream… the reason being I’m to excited about the great snow angel I just created.

Those are my top 3 reasons it’s my favourite season some need less explanation like ice skating, hot chocolate, festive cups, Christmas jumpers, making my dog wear antlers, ELF, Christmas music, the new year and of course presents!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis

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