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In The Heights (I wish I was out)

Two posts in one night you lucky ducks!

Okay so it’s Thursday, 8pm I’m stuffed full of 3 courses of Bella Italia laiden with food babe. I’ve just been on a packed tube with a travel sick mother in tow and forked out for two ridiculously expensive bottles of water, but hey it’s all going to be worth it a London show cannot disappoint me.

HOW WRONG WAS I?! Oh boy, I’m sorry I hate saying shows were bad but it was bad. Don’t get me wrong the acting was fabulous and the songs sung beautifully I can’t fault those parts as it must take a lot of talent to turn what they had into something relatively watchable.

First the script was just typical obvious cliche. Poor neighbourhood, all without love and hope then bam money, love and friendship. BOO I want twists and turns, I want the sadness of Elphaba leaving Glinda, the tragedy of Jean Val Jean, the humour of the hyenas not oh right well we knew that was coming. I don’t want to know from the beginning who dies or who ends up together!

The songs – to anyone else may have been relatively good but you see I understand Spanish and to hear someone sing SUN SUN SUN HOT HOT HOT over and over is not enjoyable…

The dancing was good, although it was weird when one of the dancers spoke to me like ‘wanna drink?’ Umm no. I’m a firm believer in audience and stage barriers unless being walked past etc none of this talking to me!

Long story well long, I left in the interval not feeling like I missed out and wiki’d the rest only to discover I was right about the ending pretty much!

That’s everything I think haha!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤️

Ps. The stage was cool though!!

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