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OMG I’m 20

Sorry I haven’t posted over the weekend guys it’s been my birthday 🌺

So I had 3 lots of celebration!

The first, drinks with my friends from home where I had a scrumptious toblerone cocktail or two they were so good! It was lots of fun even if I did end up falling down the stairs of a nightclub, classic me.

Then my second day was a cute meal with my family; my grandparents, parents and me. Of course there was something wrong with grandma’s (she’s quite good at finding fault in the sweetest way) but we got it sorted. Dad then decided it would be hilarious to shake a fizzy drink and open it aiming for my face which actually was pretty funny.

Third and finally, a day just me and mumma bear. Shopping of course! I got some such gorgeous makeup including benefit primer, urban decay palettes and no.7 lippy. I’m so excited to put it all on! The day finished mum and I watching Finding Dory and a takeout which was delectable.

So that was my weekend of celebrations I am now back in uni mode (after a breakdown) ready to write up my assignments eating my foot long dairy milk.

That’s me!
Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis

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