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The one with The Dicken’s museum 

So it may seem like I haven’t blogged since Oliver Twist was written but I have had terrible bloggers block! I just ran out of inspiration on what to post and then I realised I don’t need to ‘find ideas’ I just need to post about what I desciribed in the tag line ‘the thoughts and ramble of a London university student’ so prepare to rediscover these in the next few weeks.

Anyhow last week I went to the Dickens museum on a field trip with my uni and it was so adorable. I got to see his writing desk, his bed, his wine cellar and drink tea in his back garden! Standing in his hallway behind the huge blue door filled me with a sense of literary inspiration. I can’t describe it but I felt so priveliged to be here and expressing myself through my English abilities. The thought of standing where someone so legendary stood just took my breath away.

This is Dickens shadow he was super short! 
The most memorable experience was standing in his nursery where two of his children died and it was chilling. It was very intense, Imogen and I got goosebumps and left very quickly.

I would highly recommend a visit as Dickens is one of top achievements in terms of literary greatness for Britian and getting to witness where he achieved that was just awe inspiring.

Anyway fan girl post over!

Much love,

Hannah (newly rambling) Jayne Artis ❤️

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