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10 ways to look after your mental health

So I have anxiety and ‘depressive’ episodes and it sucks. It means staying indoors on days I  feel bad and episodes that put me into endless naps.

Mental health is becoming more and more recognised with in our society. I think it is sooo important to look after yourself when going through a rough patch or even to prevent them so I have put together this list of things that keep me relaxed and calm and get me through my ‘bad head’ days.

First this quote is so important, it is the little things that will get you through. Even if you only manage to get dressed and shower on your bad days celebrate that as its massive.


So here goes the list…

  1. Remind yourself that not everything you think is true. Just because it comes into your mind doesn’t mean you have to believe it.
  2. Drink some green tea. This drink is the bestttt for boosting your mental health and positive vibes.
  3. Wash your hair. Forget washing that man out of your hair, wash the anxieties out of your hair.
  4. Pamper yourself! Whether it be painting your nails or using your favourite moisturiser persuade yourself to treat yourself.
  5. Watch some movies/TV. It may sound dull but getting engrossed in someone else life is the perfect distraction from intrusive thoughts.
  6. Bake anything! This one is key for me, baking = relaxing for me. The process of baking and measuring etc and enjoying the finished product is so calming.
  7. Pinterest away! Making a pinterest board is so much fun for me. It can be on anything but looking for things to do in the future like recipes to cook helps encourage a positive outlook
  8. Plan a trip! You may think well I have no money but find somewhere within your budget, a staycation even a create a list of things you’d like to do there! You can even plan somewhere outside budget and this will encourage you to start saving and also makes you look to the future past your bad head day.
  9. Find a hobby. Youtube is incredible for starting a new hobby, currently I am learning the piano via youtube and also a free app. So distract yourself with a fun new hobby such as learning a new language on Duolingo!
  10. Talk to somebody! My mum is my rock and I can tell her anything so I am so lucky and grateful to have her in my life. Reach out to somebody and just chat about anything you don’t have to tell them it is a bad day!

So whenever you are having a bad head day try and do any one of these and this will help you look yo the future and encourage you to think positively (I know this can be hard)! Trust me, I have trouble following my own advice but today I got up washed my hair and baked some cakes which now has made me feel accomplished!

So try and have a cup of positivitea my lovelies!
Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤







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