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Wonderful weekends and family fun

This bank holiday weekend was beautifully sunny, filled with yummy food and rolling hills.

On Saturday my family and I visited a lovely vineyard and had afternoon tea. However the cheese scone was not impressive! We sat in the sun and took in the beautiful views which reminded me that the world is so much bigger than me and my anxieties that seem so huge are a minuscule part of my life just as the one view I saw was a tiny part of the world.


I also managed to get a photo were I didn’t feel hideous! This is with many thanks to my mother who doubles as my photographer, she encourages me to feel fabulous about myself! This is said photo, so thanks mum!


On Sunday I went to cute vintage arts and crafts fair with my family also, which was lovely. We tried citrus cheese (not okay), caramelised onion (heaven) and salted caramel cheese (again not okay). I also bought these super cute earrings from potter and mooch (check them out) they do such adorable jewellery and homeware!

This weekend was really fun and allowed me to relax after a few stressful weeks although today I am back to essay writing, gross. I think its really important to become the person you want to be and family support is super important for that. I want to be confident and feel great about myself and having people around you that already think that is super wonderful! I know some people don’t have that but remember there is only one you and you are fab! No-one is you-er than you!

I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday and getting back to the grim working week won’t be too traumatic!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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