Family and Friends

Birthday tea and reflective thoughts

So this week has been my wonderful mothers birthday! We had some lovely celebrations, dinner with her brother aka my uncle, lunch out with my grandma and a cute pamper evening that I planned just for her.

It has been tricky, money wise as I only just got my student loan but she was actually much more enamoured with the cheaper little things I did. I got a picture printed at boots for 40p and the went to card factory and managed to bag a frame for £1! Then I also organised a little pamper for her, which was four miniature bottles from sanctuary spa which came to £4. I think the little things are so key when it comes to making a birthday special.

This week has been so lovely and staying with a takeaway and movie was just what was needed to finish it off!

Sorry for the short post but it is my final exam tomorrow, thank the lord! So must revise, my key message, is sometimes its not all about the money, it is about what comes from the heart, a bunch of flowers can say much more than a necklace (even though sometimes thats what we would prefer) in the long run however it is those moments of bliss that stay fond.

So keep your friends close and your family closer as I have learnt having four good friends is much better than having many acquaintances who aren’t as supportive of you!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

ps. here is a cute pic of  our proper ‘tea’

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