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Planting the seed of distraction

In this day and age, it is so important to spend some time on yourself especially when suffering from a health condition such as anxiety. We all think that sounds difficult and daunting, trust me I feel you! Sounds daft but I was like yeah, but what do I do?? But over the last few months I have found some lovely activities that have helped keep my distracting thoughts and busy life at bay.

  1. Colouring! I know this has been a trend for at least a year but only recently have I discovered its therapuetic benefits. I love snuggling up with netflix and snacks but my mind is still always racing and not 100% focused unless my favourite character(s) are at deaths door, I’m looking at you Greys Anatomy! So colouring offers my brain something to focus on at the same time and allows no wiggle room for those intrusive thoughts about uni work or worries.
  2. Gardening! No I am not an old lady I have just discovered the beauty of watching something you planted grow. Having to look after a plant each day allows me to focus on someone other than myself and there is no greater pride than watching your salad leaves sprout! Here is my little potting area ☺️

  1. Dot-to-Dot. Okay, hear me out, not dot to dot for kids you can now get dot-to-dot for adults. You create pictures of landscapes, celebrities such as my idol Audrey Hepburn and famous landmark buildings. Searching for the numbers and trying to work out the picture again distracts the brain from the thoughts of daily life and also your anxieties.

  1. Journals such as Wreck This journals. I am so late this to this trend I know but more have come out since Keri Smith’s original. This journal is like the perfect tool if you are feeling angry and/or stressed out finding a page like ‘rub this in dirt’ is so therapeutic and ‘float this page’ means throwing a book in the bathtub is so satisfying when you are mad! See evidence here; ​

So those are a few of my ideas to keep your busy life and thoughts at bay for a small amount of time a day which which in turn should help clear your mind and encourage a more relaxed you!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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