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London; the place I call home

Hi all,

Today I thought it was time to write about my favourite city, London. The last few months have been incredibly tough for the capital and it is long overdue that I express my sadness and love for the beautiful place I will soon call home.

The beauty I find with London is its ability to create a sense of belonging for any individual. The first time I visited was at about the age of 8 and I went with my family to watch Fame. That night as I wondered up the royal red steps of the theatre and took my seat I knew there was something special about this city. The lights of the Strand as we wondered back to Charing Cross kept me in awe and I knew from that moment is where I belonged and from each time I have returned this feeling has only grown. I can’t speak for everyone but I hope that this feeling hits you as you enter this beautiful city also and as you continue to visit, even after these tragic events that this sense of belonging is still within you.

Not only does London create belonging, but for me it is one of the most inspiring places and gives me such a motivation that not many places have done throughout my life. When I was slightly younger my dream was to act and visiting London meant one thing, visiting the world of drama. Watching wonderful actors in wonderful shows and imagining myself up there in the role and pushed me to achieve my dream. My dreams have altered slightly, acting isn’t off the table however the city still inspires me. Every time I come across a statue or beautiful building it ignites something within me to better myself and I instantly become so much more confident. This is why I am so excited to move there, I know it will make me grow and become more confident in myself. Don’t get me wrong I love home and I love living there it also creates this feeling but its been my dream to live and work in London since I first stepped out of Charing Cross as a little eight year old. Every time I get off the tube I feel myself getting closer to my dream and no other place has that effect within me. This hasn’t changed one bit since these tragic incidents, in some ways it has made me want it more as overcoming barriers only makes London stronger as a place and in turn the United Kingdom more united and I want to achieve my dreams for those who no longer have that choice because of the horrendous acts of terror.

London is so beautiful, diverse, cultured and inspiring that nobody can tear it down or take that from its inhabitants and admirers. I am so excited to live there and explore this fascinating place even further.

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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