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Back with a bang!

Hello lovely readers,

As you know I have taken a break from blogging over the summer due to not being in the best health which is still ongoing, however I figured this is the perfect time to come back and make my blog better than ever. You may be thinking why? Well the reason is I am starting University next week and am currently sat in London in my own flat (screams internally).

Yes, things have changed since I last posted and let me catch you up before I up the blogging anti and keep you posted a lot more. The biggest change is that I have moved to London into student accommodation which has only happened in the last 24 hours which for most is a scary step but for us who suffer with anxiety feels like the first step on the moon. I have had such lovely support from family and friends but the truth is no amount of support could prepare me for the emotional rollercoaster I have been through in the last day. I dropped mum off at the station and took myself to Boots as a distraction technique which worked till I stepped through my front door and had a little weep. I then decided to attempt more distraction so had a shower and gave myself a little pamper, then had a little weep. I then watched a movie when it finished, guess what, yep a little weep. The weirdest thing about living alone is how you don’t feel the need to report what you do, for instance I woke up today at 12pm (oops) and that didn’t affect anyones day. Also another thing I found odd was how I could do what I want like eat cereal for dinner without discussing what mum wanted. It feels super bizarre. I am for some reason a little afraid of going out for a minute so I decided to take the day to nest and get used to my surroundings and am hoping to venture out tomorrow.

Here is an *adorable* photo of me in my new flat looking happy but terrified.


Also, I am about to go into my second year of university which is slightly scary because my practice year is over and this counts for 30% of my grade which could be the make or break of me getting the first I am dreaming of! However it is going to be fun and I have new lecturers and modules which will be refreshing, no offence but I am so over Beowulf.

I have also decided to venture into vlogging which I am going to start in the next couple of weeks so I shall keep you posted!

I believe that is everything that has changed for a moment so keep checking back for stories about my London life and experiences and thanks for sticking with me!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤



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