University Life

Adjusting to London Life

Hi all me again!

Living away from home is incredibly odd but with every hour that passes I am slowly adjusting to London life. Yesterday I stayed in just to keep my anxiety at bay and settle myself in to my new place. This was a very wise choice as it made me feel really grounded and allowed me to get used to my surroundings.

Today, however I managed to get out into the city! I ventured out to meet my one of my best friends Imogen for lunch and a very overdue catchup which was lovely. We nattered away and soon realised it had almost been two hours so headed our seperate ways.

This is where the scary bit comes in as the tube when commuting seems just part of the routine but today it was extremely daunting. The masses of people scuttling around aiming for various tunnels like ants in a farm made me stress until I realised I was one of the ants! So I scuttled off to my tunnel and hopped on the tube to Leicester Square. Singing along to the music playing in my ears, I wandered up Charing Cross Rd to one of my favourite places in the world, Foyles. It is simply one of the most beautiful, varied and interesting bookshops in all of London. If you’ve never seen it here’s a picture to show you it’s beauty!

I picked up three thrillers and walked back into the crowded streets heading towards one of the busiest most hectic places in the city. Where? Yes you guessed it, Primark! This was much more terrifying than the tube, this was full of materialism obsessed women fighting over the latest bargain ‘as seen in glamour’. I avoided that section like the plague and quickly got my exchange sorted and I was out of there! I finally arrived back to my flat with blisters on my feet, bags under my eyes and ready for a nap!
I’m so proud of myself for heading out into London as a firm Londoner (without tears!) and facing my anxious brain head on. I’m looking forward to the new challenges and places I’m going to visit whilst staying up here and keeping you all posted!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤️

PS. Thank you for all 350 of your views yesterday evening and this morning I’m blown away! 💕

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