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Coffee, Catch Ups and Charity Shops

Hello lovely readers,

Thank you so much for all the views this week I have never had so much traffic!

Since I last posted I have had a full forty eight hours by myself in what my father calls ‘The Smog’. I am slowly getting used to it but am still finding the little things difficult such as dropping food on the floor and not having my canine hoover on hand to help me out! I have learnt a few things about myself already such as taking things step by step is key. I need to think okay, whats happening this afternoon not whats happening next week that feels much to far away. I also have found that I am not as afraid of the washing up bowl as I thought (don’t tell my mum!)

So the last two days have been good. I met up with a friend on my course for coffee and had a fabulous chat that may or may not have lasted two hours! My friend then took me on a book tour of my local high street which I am very grateful for even if my purse is not. If you have never visited an Oxfam book store, go right now, drop everything (not literally I am not going to be liable for the injury of a child) and get yourself some bargains! I then got back to the flat and phoned Imogen for 1 hour and thirty six minutes and I couldn’t even tell what we spoke about. Thats the beauty of some friendships you can talk about absolute rubbish or nothing at all and still feels like quality time.

Yesterday Imogen came for the afternoon after the Freshers Fair (see next post) and we watched movies, the wifi was a little temperamental and kept freezing and skipping parts so whether or not we understood them is another question. We had dinner together and watched Bake Off which was glorious, if Liam ever cries again because of Paul a formal complaint will be written! Once she left I had a wobble and really needed one of my mums special hugs which I am counting down the hours to receiving (45 if you are interested).

This morning was pretty anxiety provoking as I logged a complaint about my shower and was told someone would come over today, no time slot given, to fix it. I was very anxious about not being awake if he arrived but luckily I woke up in time and managed to deal with it after a FaceTime chat with my mum. To manage the anxiety however I left a note on the door and set my alarm (even if I did sleep through it) which allowed me to have a good nights sleep.

So thats my last few days in London and the adjustment is getting better however I truly cannot wait to see my mum!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤



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