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Finding my feet and finding new places

Hi all,

So over the last few days I have been finding my feet and settling in which has been tough as I have had to adjust a lot. The idea of being away from home is so strange and seeing my stuff all around me in a different room is very odd! However, I am getting used to it and now I have started to take part in university activities it is getting easier.

Since I last posted a lot has happened which has involved a lot of emotions, I have put myself out there and held myself back, I have felt happy and sad, I have felt confident and shy. Finding my feet has been a rollercoaster and this is only the first toe not the whole foot!

So, last week I attended Freshers fair which involved meeting more students and signing up to societies. I signed up to Drama, a few career places and also discovered the student shop – I am now repping my university with a cute top! I also got some free pizza which is always a perk. Last week also called for my induction as a second year which was very looooongggg and involved a career talk, study abroad information and meeting new lecturers! It was very daunting discussing the next year of my university journey but exciting at the time! After this I went off to an audition for the drama society’s Christmas show and I felt like I had an out of body experience, I offered to do a monologue which was totally out of my comfort zone whilst going through something big like moving! My anxiety is normally way to high to put myself out there this much but it actually went really well (I think!) and I’m super proud of myself! I don’t hear back till tomorrow if I got in but either way I am proud and looking forward to where I go from here.

On the weekend Mum came to visit which was lovely. I showed her the world of student dinner: pasta, sauce and Quorn microwaved with melted cheese which she loved! We had a Grey’s Anatomy marathon and enjoyed each others company which is just what I needed to help me adjust even further! Spending time with Mum always makes me feel reassured and much better when I get anxious.

Yesterday my best friend, Imogen and I went exploring on route to the post office an found a beautiful canal which is about five minutes walk from me! It was really lovely and I love that I am finding parts of London which I never knew about and wouldn’t have thought about discovering. The beauty of London never ceases to surprise me and finding new places just opens my eyes that such lovely nature can be amongst skyscrapers and buildings! So always be on the look out as you never know what is around the corner in the middle of the city!

Thank you for reading!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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