University Life

Week One Status: Complete!

My first week of lectures is officially complete! I have been introduced to all the modules, lecturers and topics I will cover over then semester and am keen to get started! My books are ordered, folders are on the way and room is study ready so hopefully I am on track to getting the grade I want.

Let me update you a little on each day.

Monday: Today was my creative writing lecture which I know I am going to really enjoy and I love using my imagination and creating stories. I got given my first formative assignment in this lecture which was a little mean but I didn’t mind as typing a short story isn’t something I complain about. The afternoon consisted of an elective module in contemporary genre fiction which is basically vampires all semester! I felt really stuck on which elective to choose between this and a sociology one but I thought I would attend both and make a choice. I also got the news I got a part in the Christmas show!

Tuesday: No lectures today! Instead a lovely day in Regents park going for an autumnal walk with Imogen which happened to turn into a photoshoot haha! (See next post for details)

Wednesday: Shakespeare! Shakespeare and more Shakespeare! I had my first lecture on the bard himself all about his CV and how he became so successful! Then in the evening we went to the Globe to watch King Lear (Review also coming later) which was incredible!

Thursday: Today was the other elective choice called news and society. I made my decision within five minutes! There were far to many people, far to many different tutors and the content was not for me! So result I now have Thursdays off!

Friday: Had my final lecture of the week which was work placement! Then the main event of the day was my accommodation welcome party which was so fun! I finally met some new people and neighbours and also got to know the staff well (by throwing insults at each other across the beer pong table – which I am amazing at!)

So thats my week! Its been good all round and I am looking forward to spending more time with my new friends, new lecturers and exploring London further. One thing that is weird is not having mum here or knowing when I am going to see her next! Hopefully something will be figured out!

Thanks for reading once again! Will be back posting a few times a week not doing weekly updates now the busy week is over!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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