University Life

The Ultimate Study Day Guide

Hi all,

So I have been missing for a week or so, I was quite unwell and admitted to hospital (as you may have seen on my Facebook page!) However I am on the mend which means back to uni and to study, how unfortunate that may be, so I thought I would post the Ultimate Study Day Guide to tell you my top tips to fighting procrastination and getting things done!

  1. Get dressed and washed! Sounds obvious right? Sometimes I tell myself I can totally get some work done and have a day in my pyjamas. I can’t its all lies. There is not a remote possibility anything will get done if I stay under my blanket and save my shower for later. So get up, get washed and eat some breakfast so that you can’t use hunger as an excuse (anther thing I do!)
  2. Write out your goals for the day on post it notes! I have started doing this and it is so satisfying when you get to rip that sticky yellow piece of paper of the wall because you’ve completed a task. I even put silly things like ‘wash up’ because as a student finding the motivation to do the smallest thing like washing up can be pretty hard! So heres todays example…IMG_8549
  3. I find at the beginning of term/semester or even the week writing out a plan for what you are doing with your time can really help. So I tend to write out week one with what I need to do for each subject! Then when I decide to have a study day I can really prioritise my work load. I can then add and tick off what I have done and again feel accomplished which I think is really important for anyone! Like this! IMG_8555
  4. Have a good movie/ playlist on! I always make sure I have Harry Potter on when I want to get work done. I have watched it so often it has become the perfect background movie that I can watch for two minutes when I need a break but not have to pay complete attention to so I don’t miss anything as I know what is going to happen. If movies are too distracting in any capacity for you try a good playlist just nothing that will send you to sleep, I have fallen for this too.
  5. Finally snacks! A good study day requires snacks, that is final. Don’t tell yourself you will study between lunch and dinner because you will watch the clock intensely waiting for five to hit. If you have some jaffa cakes on the go you won’t be watching the clock you will suddenly find its six thirty and it will feel sooooo good!

So thats my top five tips for getting a good amount of studying into one day! Stay organised, bring supplies, have a good movie on, know your goals and start the day well! I hope this helps anyone or it might make you think I am a bit mad. Either way I am glad to have added to your day!

Now I’m off to wash up…

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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