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Hello! My name is Elder Artis!

So if you didn’t understand that reference I was putting on my black tie and white shirt and immersing myself in the Book Of Mormon as I went to go see it last night. I cannot for the life of me get the songs out my head hence the blog title! As my loyal readers now once I see something I cannot help but write a review so here goes I hope you enjoy it!

Firstly, the actors. The people behind the performance who dazzle you with a facade and raise your spirits with their songs and dances, they tell you the story and captivate you whatever the message and these guys did not disappoint. I was in the story, however ridiculous, with them and believed that they were just as crazy as the actors made them out to be. Elder Price (KJ Hippensteel) and Elder Cunningham (Cody Jamison Strand) were humorous and energetic in a way that meant you couldn’t take your eyes off them. Those who played the other mormons were so fabulously funny and in sync it was a spectacle to see that I will never forget.

The Story. As some of you may know, this is not a story for delicate ears such as mine so I was slightly shocked by the crudeness and language but with this show you have to forget all that and go in with an open mind. You have to open yourself up and if you achieve that you will laugh all night long. It is famed for offensiveness and people walking out in disgust but because of that fame it is what you expect and you can’t help but be immersed in the world they are trying to represent. Leave your social constructs, values and opinions at the door and then this a show that will leave you cradling your stomach as it aches from laughter.

The songs. Probably some of the best, most hilarious and immoral songs in the West End. The best as a feel good, sing along classic musical song that you can’t help but love as soon as you hear. Personally I love Hello! and Turn it off (which also had fabulous choreography that went perfectly with the message of the song). Hilarious as they were so out there and probably wouldn’t be permitted for any other show which leads onto immoral. If you heard them out of context it would be reported but for some reason whilst watching the show all that slips away. You love the songs and the characters singing them whilst sat in the theatre but if you saw or heard them outside the red quilted chairs you would be outraged. The show hypnotises you into an alternate reality where all social norms disappear and you just have a good time.

The set. Probably the most recognisable thing out of the whole show in terms of being socially acceptable but even then there were some questionable elements. The set wasn’t extremely complex but it worked for the show. The action was all in the people they didn’t need a huge set to tell this story. What they did have was excellent, the real outstanding feature were the costumes as they told the audience where the scene was happening alongside the set.

So thats all for Book of Mormon. I would definitely recommend going to see it just with an extremely open mind and probably not with your grandma!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤



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