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Murder of the Orient Express?

Hi all,

So on Friday I went to see Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ at the cinema. It’s a murder mystery with a star studded cast written by one of the most infamous crime writers in the world so I was really excited to see it and I can’t say I was let down but I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed either.

The cast was full of household names from Kenneth Branagh (who also directed and produced the film) to Judi Dench who is one of my biggest idols. So it is fair to say my expectations were high of the acting and the pulling off of a remake of an already famous film. The acting was in fact out of this world. Michelle Pfeiffer played a sassy, life loving woman who later transpired to a sad, lonely woman who moved the audience with a single sentence. Hercules Poirot played by Kenneth Branagh was portrayed brilliantly, the way he delivered lines and the mannerisms he adopted really felt true to his character. Finally the other actors all contributed their roles to the plot magnificently, it really worked.

The story itself was also very good however I was extremely disappointed in the ending. When you find out who did it to me it wasn’t a revelation it was mundane. You wanted somebody to be revealed in a shock twist like every classic murder story but the actual culprit felt slightly like one couldn’t be chosen so they just went for that. This can’t exactly be blamed on this film as it is what happened in the novel so I can’t criticise just this version but all of them. However, the many intertwining stories that occurred as the movie went on were played out extremely well and made a lot of sense as each secret was revealed.

The most incredible aspect of the movie was the setting. The attention to detail of the Orient Express itself was amazing. I loved watching the train travel through the various countries on the big screen. The inside was a marvel too, the little details such as the dining car with the little place settings and the sleeper car, every room identical to the next. Alongside the set were the costumes which also were wonderful to see. They were very accurate to the time period and clearly took lots of work. Judi Dench and Michelle Pfeiffer wore dazzling dresses whereas Penelope Cruz and Olivia Coleman were much more basic yet pulled it off so well. Poirot was dressed and looked as you would imagine him which was lovely.

Overall I would give this film an 8/10 as it was really good except for the culprit and that can’t be blamed on the film! I would definitely recommend you go and see it!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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