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Regent’s Glow and Casting a Show!

Hi all,

So it has been my first week back at University after reading week (which OF COURSE involved lots of reading) and it has been a very full on seven days! I had personal tutorials, work placement, assignment meetings, drama rehearsals, family meals and an abundance of other things! So I thought I would just write about a few things about the last week which have been lovely!

First of all I started my work placement at the fabulous Union Theatre in Southwark. I had a brilliant first day and they got me stuck in straight away. My first task was to run actors between the waiting area and audition room and I got to sit in on the casting session for one of the shows coming up. It was sooo interesting and really opened my eyes watching the actors respond to the directors comments and how they interpreted the character. They all did it so differently but each interpretation worked and it felt such a fun thing to be part of! Thats the thing with theatres some times they can be incredibly stressful, sometimes they can be overwhelming but all the time it feels like a family. Everyone is there for the same reason – because they love arts and creativity! I can’t wait to learn from such knowledgable people and understand just what goes into each and every role from the technical side to the administration side. I also got to find out all about my upcoming responsibilities and the sort of things I am going to get to be part of (watch this space!) and I can’t wait to go back next week.

I also went to see the Regents Street Christmas light switch on. I arrived off the tube and just I was climbing the stairs of Piccadilly Circus suddenly the angels wings lit up and I had missed it! I was a little gutted but luckily I still caught a glimpse of Paloma Faith and Michael Ball as they left the stage. The lovely thing about Christmas lights is everyone is happy and cheerful in the moment. The lights switch on and you can see everyones face light up and relax, the cares simply sink away and I love the big grins on everyones faces. They look like they are transported back to looking up at the Christmas tree when they were younger and they are so in awe and taking photos that they don’t even notice the people around them. Here are the lovely lovely angels of Regents St!


So that’s my busy week (which also involved my first 21st birthday meal see next post) which has been very fullbut this week I am back to normal until my birthday this weekend!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤


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