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What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Ah the infamous words of Heather Small. Such a simple question yet so many of us find it so difficult to answer, including me. Today as I wandered up and down Oxford Street I was feeling a little low, I felt a little out of control and was unaware of any achievements I had made lately. As I made my way round the shops and rummaged through the rails I was totally disregarding the little things I was doing that I would not have done this time last year or even a few months ago. I started to realise that I was achieving just perhaps not in ways I or anyone else would expect. I had found that I had conquered fears without realising. So this blog is all about the little things that you achieve each day that make for a huge accomplishment. So here are three things I have achieved just in the last week.

  1. My first 2nd year assesment. Around a week ago I completed a presentation without taking any medication to ease my anxiety. It felt so good to achieve this without needing help! Our group even managed to get 64 which was briliant and I am so so proud.
  2. Getting the bus. This sounds quite basic but a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have been able to do that alone! I am now happily hopping on and off the big red buses with ease. I used to have panic attacks attempting to get on the bus and now I do it happily!
  3. I ate alone in a coffee shop! Also sounds a little basic but for me this was huge! I have never done this before as I hated the idea. I would feel so awkward and like all eyes were on me because I was alone. However I sat in Costa and enjoyed my lunch whilst people watching and it actually felt pretty relaxing!

I think it is really important to compare yourself to you and not others. I have always looked at myself against other people which has made me feel hideous but looking at how far I have come builds you up and lets you feel fabulous!

Make sure you ask yourself what you have done today to make you feel proud everyday!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis




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