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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Hi all,

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So winter is here in terms of weather, it has been so cold! I have donned the scarf, gloves and furry boots which were saved for New York but I have an inkling it is going to be warmer than the UK! Anyway as the first of December hit and the cold air froze my fingers there was only one thing to do – go to Winter Wonderland!

For those that don’t know Winter Wonderland is a magical event that happens for around two weeks in London and it is FREE!. It is set in Hyde Park and is full of festivities from the fairground games to the Christmas market! There is also a lot of German bars and stalls selling yummy treats. They have an ice skating rink, a show, a circus and so much more! So off Imogen and I went to spread some Christmas cheer. It was so lovely, we spent quite a chunk of money on the games as neither of us are exactly the ‘rides’ type. We played hook-a-duck, the hoop over the prize game, the bottle top game and the basketball game. We were less than successful in most attempts but we still left with a teddy bear each and a box of chocolates!

I love walking round and just admiring the lights and rides and taking in the festive cheer. The people looking around are so full of awe just as I am and its so lovely to see! Here a few of the best bits from the evening!


I was not brave enough to go on the wheel! Next time I shall! There was also a very tall viewing tower which you could go up but was sooo tall and looked to like a ride for me to attempt it – maybe next year!


I just love how the fairy lights cover the whole event! This shot is of the German bars, I am unsure every year to the relevance of the giant man in the very background on the right but I suppose he has come to be a tradition?!


How sweet is Olaf? The stand he was on had designed and made so many characters that were dotted around the fair. However Olaf had to be my favourite, plus this one will never melt!


I love these lights! They are here every year and they are just so magical! The wondrous arches that stand so tall scream Christmas at me so I couldn’t resist getting some shots with my camera!


Here is the ice skating rink! Usually I do don the skates but as I am going to New York very soon and I am extremely clumsy I thought it best not to break a bone and miss the holiday I have been looking forward to since January!

7518859808_IMG_0192Finally I couldn’t resist posting this! This was one of the super prizes on the get a ring on a bottle game! I don’t think anybody won as it was pretty hard but we had to get a shot to remember this gorgeous bear if we couldn’t take him home!

Winter Wonderland is the perfect place to get festive and kick off the Christmas season! I would highly recommend going, it is open up until January I believe!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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