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A slightly nutty performance

Hi all,

So this week has been incredibly sad for me as I have lost my Grandpa. He was an incredibly happy man and always made me feel so good about myself. In honour of him I have decided to write a poem which I will publish in the coming days.

For now however I thought I would write about my drama society performances that happened earlier this week.  It was very tough to stick it out during a such a sad time but I managed to put my make up/war paint on and complete all three shows! The cast and committee were so supportive which was super helpful and it meant I managed to smile through the grief.

So first things first the play was ‘A medley of Comedy and Classic’ and was composed of three parts. The first part was the Shirley Valentine monologues, the second a sketch about the flamboyant array of candidates at a University interview and the third the mishaps of speed dating. It was really funny and they all managed to flow from one to another really well. My role was Mary, a girl who fell for a guy who was super into squirrels just as she was, I also featured as a camera operator in the university interview! I didn’t have the biggest part but it was wonderful to be part of a team and be up on stage acting again! Fingers crossed I get a bigger part next semester! Even though I wasn’t on stage for long I still managed to get an award for ‘Best Stage Chemistry’!

The rehearsals have been going on for the last 7-8 weeks a couple of times a week and it has been so inspiring to see how one group of strangers has developed into friends. We weren’t the best to begin with either, we definitely needed work but we all committed to it and got through the obstacles such as dropouts and illness. In the end we managed to pull off a really good show and make some excellent profit!

Being part of a university society has been really good for me, sometimes it has been a little stressful but most of the time it is good fun! You get to meet new people, learn new skills and go for really good socials! My confidence in my acting has grown massively and so has my ability to play zip zap boing (if you know, you know.) The best part is definitely the new friends that you are suddenly very close with! Here you can see my cast mates and crew!


I am so looking forward to auditioning for the next play in January and keeping you posted about how we develop further!

Thank you for your ongoing support and readership!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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