New year, New me and all that jazz

Hi all!

I have returned from the Christmas break in full swing ready to put my stamp on 2018. I have had the most fabulous time in New York and will be spending the next few blog posts telling you all about it. But first seeing as it is a brand new year I thought what better to talk about than what’s going to change for me this year.

I know everyone says that its a new year, new me and that I can’t stand so I have gone for subtle changes each month to make my year and myself the best they can be. When I say subtle changes I mean very small tweaks to my diet or adding in something. Some people see January first in the diary and tell themselves they are gonna be 4 stone lighter with a six pack with flawless skin this time next year. For me that is to big a goal. I am much better taking each week at a time and having a goal in mind but not putting to much pressure on myself.

So January is the month I become a green tea goddess. I am committing to having cup of  flavoured tea at least once a day. I went to Sainsbury’s and bought a fabulous array of flavours from Blackberry Beauty which is meant to give you great skin to Elderflower and Echinacea which I have now discovered is not great! I have also decided to have a DeChox, a new fangled word which basically means you don’t eat chocolate for a month. I am finding that hideously difficult as I have such a sweet tooth! I am hoping these two tasks put together will give my skin and body the serious cleanse it needs after a intense feast of carbs, chocolate and sugar that I had in NYC.

Also you will be excited to know I have a brand new Blog planner. It means I have the perfect place to plan and organise my blog posts for the next couple of months.  It is just what I need as last year taught me I am much to all over the place with my blog. I want a routine and this is just what will get me started. Another book I have purchased (from Barnes and Noble on fifth avenue!) is called ‘My little bullet book’ and it is the perfect guide to start a beautiful bullet journal. Last year I was scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest constantly looking to start a bullet journal and I just couldn’t get my head round it! Now I have the most wonderful book which will help me kick off the new year organised and ready to face university, life and anything else thrown at me!


So that is how I am starting my year off right, what about you? I would love to know how you are kicking the year off with a bang!

Much love and a happy new year!

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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