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Saving yourself from the spiral of self doubt

Hey all!

I hope you are all well and as happy to see signs of spring as me! You may have noticed if you are a lovely loyal reader that I haven’t been slightly MIA this past fortnight. The reason for that is I entered a spiral of self doubt, as my post title suggests! The last week has been extremely stressful due to my father being admitted to hospital where he is still recovering which sent me into a spiral.

I think the reason behind the spiralling was the fact I became so distracted and worried by my fathers illness, I wasn’t me for a few days. I was in a bubble of stress and panic and when I had to start to get back into the normality of life I had forgotten how. I was doubtful of my abilities as a blogger, actor and human being! I was unable to fall back into rhythm and it was a really anxiety provoking few days. So I decided I had to do something about it! I thought of what calms me down and what helps me feel like me again, so here are my very own tips for saving yourself from the spiral of self doubt.

  • Do something that you love! For me, baking is a failsafe way for me to relax. I’m no Mary Berry but just the process of creating something and being in control of the recipe made me feel a lot better. Plus nothing makes you feel good like cake! 

  • Find some quotes that fill you with a sense of happiness, inspiration or make you laugh! I have this lovely little calendar that has a new quote every day, its called ‘365 days of happiness’ and on my spiral day the quote was this:




    ‘Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will’ Suzy Kassem 

    If this didn’t resonate with me at that moment then nothing would! I laughed at how applicable it was to me and it kicked me back into gear which I am very thankful for.


  • Buy a plant! I know this sounds super daft but having to care for something that isn’t yourself instills you with responsibility so you feel more confident and in control. So I went out and bought the most colourful flowers around at the moment, Daffodils! They are already blooming and having a pop of colour really helps brighten up your surroundings and mood.


  • Allow yourself to relax. Over the last few months it has become so important for my wellbeing that I allow myself to chill and have a night in watching netflix with a hot chocolate otherwise I can’t manage the other things I want to do in the week as I am too tired! So I made sure I had a cosy blanket, hot water bottle and some good snacks and let myself be lazy and I felt so much better the next day for it!


  • Finally book a class or course or order something online that will allow you to achieve your dreams. For instance I started looking at drama school and their MA programmes to make me feel a little inspired. It doesn’t have to be that intense, perhaps book a free workshop or gym class that will allow you to feel like you are back on the journey to getting where you want to be!

So there we have it! My top tips for despiralling, I hope you enjoyed!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne (no longer in a spiral) Artis ❤






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