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Hannah Jayne Artis 2.0

Hi everyone,

I AM BACK. BIGGER, BOLDER AND BETTER THAN EVER! Just kidding I am still me but you may have noticed I have been MIA for six months or so and the reason for that is I have been unwell. I have been in and out of hospital with an awful condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia (find out all about that in my special Q and A with real sufferers of the condition.)

I was just in the middle of my second semester of second year when I was struck down with debilitating pain which was so bad I was screaming and rolling on the floor. My mum came to get me from University and I spent the next week not eating, drinking small amounts and snuggled up under my duvet unable to cuddle my pets incase they set my pain off.

I was then admitted to the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery in London where I spent 8 days testing different medications to reduce my pain and deciding whether or not surgery was the best option for me. They also wanted to see what the cause is as people usually have a tumour pressing on a nerve, MS or a blood vessel resting on the nerve. It was decided I didn’t have a cause and I was one of the unlucky ones who needed to experiment with different surgeries and meds to find my perfect remedy. After a few days in hospital I had found a way to eat, using anesthetic and plastic cutlery! Not very fun but it meant no more soup through a straw so I couldn’t wait to tuck in to some solid food.IMG_0666 My gorgeous friends bought me yummy chocolates in hospital so it wasn’t too bad![/caption]

I was discharged from hospital as I was able to eat and function as a human being better. I had been placed on grams and grams of tablets which were causing me to be dizzy, disorientated and not being able to be left alone. I went for my review and it was decided I had to see a neurologist before any decisions were made regarding cutting my head open.

The neurologist took about ten vials of my blood and an MRI of my neck to check there was nothing else causing my facial pain. My blood went all over Britain from Bournemouth to Birmingham when it was finally revealed nothing was causing my symptoms. He took me off all of the drugs that made me feel not me and it it was back to the surgery route which takes me to right now where I am waiting for my surgery date.

I am feeling much more with it and can actually be left alone! I am sleeping looooongggg hours every day and still have to use anesthetic every meal and use plastic cutlery otherwise my pain gets set off. I also can’t miss any medication otherwise agony strikes again and also I need a plastic straw to drink. I am still suffering and cannot wait to have surgery so I can get back to normal.

University have signed me off sick and I am doing a partial repeat year so will be returning in March to sit my assignments and exams that I missed last year and then I will be doing third year in 2019/2020. This was really upsetting as I won’t graduate with my best friend and its another year of my life taken but as everyone has been telling me HEALTH COMES FIRST!!!

So as a result of feeling slightly better and back on planet earth as the tablets have reduced I decided it was time to return to my blog as I missed it so much! My blog is a little altered as result of being ill as I am living at home so won’t be exploring London/living in London but I am going to return next year!

I cannot wait to get started again and am so happy to return to the blogging world!

Much love,

Hannnah Jayne Artis ❤

3 thoughts on “Hannah Jayne Artis 2.0”

  1. Welcome back 2.0! I don’t know how that actually feels but it sounds so awful 😔 I’m so sorry to hear that but it’s great you feel a bit better! 😘

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