Getting to know me, getting to know all about me!

Hi everyone,

Before I relaunched I asked the lovely people of Twitter to ask me some questions to use in a post reintroducing me to the blogging world. I thought a Q&A would be a fab way to find out a little more about the person behind this blogger. So here goes!

The first question is from @Derbyshireduck who asks “What is your favourite movie, book and song?”

Movie: My favourite movies are The Harry Potter collection, they are oldies but goodies and I can’t but help feel better when I watch them. Every time I watch them I notice something new and they get me through every mood! I have them on when I’m revising as there is nothing more soothing than Dumbledore’s voice! Also Elf is my favourite Christmas movie – pretty sure this needs no explanation!

Book: HARDEST QUESTION EVER! I have to say my top three right now as it changes every day. The first is Blood Sisters by Jane Corry, it is a thriller featuring three girls walking to school one morning and within an hour one of them is dead. It then jumps twentyish years and you unravel the mystery through two sisters, one who is unable to communicate as a result of disability and the other who starts to work in a prison. It is so good and has twists and turns everywhere!!

The second would be Escape to the Country by Alison Sherlock. This is a feel good romance that follows Eleanor McCartney as her life falls apart slightly and she returns home to the countryside from London. She meets Tom Kingsley a handsome music icon who is also going through a rocky patch. This book is really clever as every chapter the point of view switches from Eleanor to Tom as they go through their love story. It’s got ups and downs, laughter and tears and meets all your expectations of a romantic comedy!

Third are the Agatha Frost Perivale Cafe Cozy mysteries. This is kind of cheating as it’s a series but they are worth the mention! They are dramatic murder mysteries solved by super sleuth Julia South who opens a local cafe in Peridale and is first and foremost a baker. There is a love story, a lot of mad family members and there are 13 books so you can binge read!

Song: Any Greatest Showman song! They are so amazing and I feel they need no explanation!

The next question comes from @my_lifelines who asks “what did you miss most about blogging?”

I missed the people and community so much. The feeling of being part of something definitely felt good and making new friends with fellow bloggers is great!

I also missed the relaxation of writing. I loved walking along and thinking of a new blog post idea and being able to go home and spend some time being creative and working really hard to write something I was proud of.

The next is from @imogen_chloe27 who asks “Why did you start blogging and why did you stop?”

I originally started a blog on Blogspot called Anxious Audrey about three or four years ago. I used it as a way to work on my anxiety and would write to escape my anxious feelings. As time went on and my anxiety eased I realised that I was defining myself by my anxiety and I had more to offer. I wanted to create a site that showed all aspects of my self rather than one and by doing that I have actually helped my anxiety a lot more than by focusing on it solely. So I moved to WordPress and created Hannah Jayne Artis!

I stopped as a result of being so unwell with Trigeminal Neuralgia and I went into hospital. You can hear about that in my post Hannah Jayne Artis 2.0. I wasn’t able to manage the blog so decided a break was best! I now am able to focus much better and the pain is better managed so I am up to writing posts!

The next question is from @batmom85 who asks “how do you feel? (physically/mentally)”

Thank you so much for asking this! I am feeling okay but I am still awaiting surgery which hopefully will work it’s magic! I am quite sleepy and do have to take anti nausea tablets to counteract my pain meds. I am shaky, twitchy and get horrible headaches but this is ten times better than how I was four months ago. I have found being ill has taken its toll on my anxiety as I am not in control of when my surgery will be etc and being out of control is something I find very anxiety provoking! Overall I am feeling slightly better but as I am not yet through treatment I am having to take it day by day.

Up next we have “what was your childhood ambition?” from @IMarshallArt

My childhood ambition is exactly the same as my current ambition! I want to act for a living. I joined a tots drama class at the age of 2 and never looked back! I have taken breaks from acting due to my anxiety but am firmly back on doing acting as a profession. I am doing an MA in acting either in London or the US if I get in!

Final question is from @ mineoysterblog and it asks “any tips for first time bloggers?”

All I can say is be you! I sometimes feel I need to be more like other bloggers out there but then what would make me unique? If you stay true to you and write what you enjoy writing about then you will do fabulously!❤️

So that’s the end of my Q&A! I hope you learned a little about me and I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis 💕

13 thoughts on “Getting to know me, getting to know all about me!”

  1. So glad you are back with us!! The best part about this blogging world is 100% the community and the people we get to meet and connect with.💗 So glad you are feeling better. Keep us updated on your health/surgery! Can’t wait to read more.


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