Barcelona, I still long to hold her once more

Hi all,

Sorry for the late post but I have been on my travels to the beautiful city of Barcelona (hence the George Ezra reference!) Anyway this is my new post fresh off the plane ready to tell you all about the trip.

I went for a long weekend, with a friend I hardly knew at the beginning but now we have shared this break I am sure we will stay in touch in future. You may be wondering why an earth would you travel air miles with someone you don’t know?  Well we met in one of my university classes and hit it off instantly and made the very spontaneous decision to travel to Spain; which actually was a lot of fun itself as well as discovering a new city I got to now a new person! We stayed in a hostel which was another new experience as I have never shared a room with strangers before! I met a range of people from Argentines to Japanese and discovered an array of cultures.

So thats the boring details now onto the fun stuff; what I actually did on my trip!  I am going to give you my top 5 places that you must visit if you ever travel as we could be here all evening otherwise!

So here goes…

5.  Number 5 has to go to the Cable Car experience; the views were so lovely of the port, city and beach. It was a little costly at 11 euro a single journey but the trip is fun and offers a different perspective on Barcelona! You end up halfway up to Montjuic which has a fortress at the top of a very steep hill (warning do not wear new shoes, you will get horrible blisters). Here is a pic of the view ft me looking slightly dizzy.


4. In fourth place, is Las Ramblas. A lovely street in Barcelona which is a pretty popular tourist attraction. They have a market there full of food; they also have the best ice creams, such as Kinder Bueno flavour and Twix Flavour! Further down the street they have a few market stalls mainly crafty so you can get a personalised carved necklace for 3 euro which was perfect when buying souvenirs! Then you have the adorable artists which sit along the lane who will paint your caricature or your name in elaborate fashion. Finally they have the cutest places to eat, all with outside options where you can sit and soak up the Spanish atmosphere!

3. In third place is Barcelona Cathedral purely because it was stunning. This picture will speak for itself!


2. In second place is Park Guell (I can’t find the accent I do apologise!). This place was so wonderful, the mosaic bench which personally I feel is the classic Barcelona photo, really added to my photo collection. However outside the monument park which also houses beautiful buildings, is a surrounding of lush greenery and wonderful views. The walk up was intense but we were aided by escalators in the hill. I am not kidding. Here is me in my classic ‘here I am in Barcelona’ photo.


  1. Finally in first place is drumroll please… The beautiful Sagrada Familia. I probably spent the least amount of time here but was taken aback by its beautiful architecture and stained glass windows which filled the religious building with a plethora of colours. It really is another Barcelona icon that I had to get off my bucket list and I would highly recommend it. Also, if you google it you will see it looks like the Disney palace! Here just a glimpse of the magnificent colours!IMG_7361.JPG


So there we have it my trip to Barcelona in 5 highlights! I hope you have enjoyed it and it has inspired you to take a trip to a new place as I have now got the travelling bug and am planning my next holiday!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤





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