Lights, Camera, Action: My favourite TV locations in NYC

Hi everyone,

I am so excited about this post as it is all about the wonderful TV locations I got to see whilst away in NYC for Christmas! New York is full of places, buildings and parks that feature in all of our favourite shows from Friends to Cake Boss, there are so many places you can visit and feel like your idol.

So first lets talk about Friends as that’s the big one, the one that had me literally jumping for joy!


So here we have the infamous fountain that featured in the opening credits of Friends. I hate to say it isn’t the actual fountain as that was filmed in LA but it is basically a replica of the one they used! It is called Cherry Hill  and is in Central Park, you can buy a map for $2 so I would highly recommend that!

Here we have the apartment block which you may recognise from the many transitions from scene to scene! This is in the West Village on Grove St and it is was actually super quiet with only a few people there which was surprising. It is so fun to watch Friends now and be like I’VE BEEN THERE!

The next TV show is Gossip Girl, another big NYC hit! I visited so many places in the series as they filmed so many scenes using real NYC places!


This balcony is iconic to all Gossip Girl fans, the very first shot of Serena Van Der Woodsen is taken on this balcony in Grand Central Station. It is like standing where the Queen stood (kind of!) Once you enter station look for Cipriano’s restaurant and you will find this balcony!


Yet another iconic Gossip Girl location. I went to channel my inner Blair to feed the duck at The Pond in Central Park but found more pigeons! Plus Dorota wasn’t there to carry the bread but all the same it was a very surreal moment!


I very much resonate with Blair and sitting upon the Met steps, on the top one of course, was so much fun! The Met can be found on the edge of Central Park on Fifth Avenue I combined Central Park with the Met to make it easier.

Okay so Blair is a fabulous character but Audrey Hepburn is my idol. So I had to go and see Tiffany’s found on Fifth avenue near E57th St(which features in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and recreate this wonderful shot.

Image result for audrey hepburn tiffanys        IMG_0101

I discovered in the last couple of days that you can actually go to the apartment and see the set which I am totally going to if I go again!

Another show I love which is set in NYC is Brooklyn Nine Nine. I had to visit the 99th precinct! However, the 99th precinct does not exist, they actually use the 78th precinct when filming the outside.

So we made our way over to Brooklyn, grabbed a doughnut from Doughnut Plant (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) and then walked two minutes and found the location on 65 6th Avenue!

It looked exactly like it does on TV! I even managed to get a snap with an NYPD officer, he was no Jake Peralta, but I was grateful that I got the full Brooklyn Nine Nine experience!

The final location we visited was in New Jersey. It was Carlos Bakery from Cake Boss! I have no idea how many people watch or don’t watch it but it is so good so you should start! It is about this amazing little bakery that produces show stopping cakes for BIG names!


You can get the train from the World Trade Centre to Hoboken in about twenty minutes. The Bakery is about 3 minutes from Hoboken station! It is so worth it as sooooo yummy, see evidence below…

You can watch Cake Boss on TLC or Quest and I would highly suggest you do as it’s about family, food and the bakes are amazing.

So thats all the wonderful locations I got to visit and be a part of! Now I watch all of these shows and practically scream at the TV because I am that excited, my dog is not impressed.

I hope you all enjoyed my post! If you liked this one you may like my A-Z of NYC which you can find if you click here: A-Z OF NYC!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤


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