NYC Edit: My Sephora Haul!

Hi all,

I hope you enjoyed my last post all about my top tips for travelling to NYC, if you didn’t see it, you can give it a read here!

This post is all about the discovery of heaven. A beautiful shiny place, with marbled floors and white walls finished off with lighting to make your skin flawless. That place is called Sephora! I had read about it on Twitter and thought can it really be that amazing? I decided to have a look for myself to see if all the critics were right and my goodness they were right! It is a wonderful place and you can get some amazing products for a great price. The staff are lovely and have brilliant knowledge of all the products not just the brands they represent. I thought I would test the products and give a little review to get the full Sephora experience.

I went to New York knowing I needed some new Benefit products so I headed to that stand first and here’s what I picked up…

The first is a must have beauty essential for everyones makeup bag that I was desperately in need of ‘The Porefessional’. It is the best primer if you are looking for smoother looking skin and to cover blemishes, dark spots etc. I have acne scars and whenever I wear this I feel so confident as even I can’t see them in the mirror. Plus it only cost $12 (for the mini’s) which is equivalent to £8.95!

The second is ‘Precisely, My Brow Pencil’ this also a lovely product. I have not really got into the whole brow trend, I mean I make sure they are shaped but I am bewildered by all the brow products out there. I wouldn’t know what an earth to do with some of them! However this so good for making your brows look refined and in shape plus it’s so simple even I can use it! This cost $24 which equals £17.90!

Then we have a new benefit product I haven’t tried before called ‘They’re real!’ which is a mascara. Oh my goodness, this product does not lie! They make your eyelashes so long and gives them such great volume that they look like false ones but you don’t have the heaviness or awkward glue that come with false lashes! It really is amazing I would highly recommend it! It is however quite tough to get off which is a benefit and flaw! This was also $24 dollars so £17.90!

I then decided to venture into the unknown, I wanted to get some Sephora products seeing as I was there. I needed new brushes so decided to go for those and found a bargain..


This set was worth $135 but was on sale for $30!! So I got ten brushes and a bag for only £22! I nearly fell over when I worked it out. Plus they are so soft and the bag is glittery, it holds the brushes and has a section for products so I can fit my daily makeup routine into a nice little kit so its super easy!

I also found the most wonderful Sephora eye palette that has a great array of colours and has brilliant lasting power so I am really happy with that purchase but the eye palette to end all eye palettes I discovered was from urban decay and I am pretty sure it was created by angels.


Its the metallics palette and it cost $39 down from $55 which is only £29 which is a ten pounds saving from their usual palettes. The colours are so pretty and bright that I couldn’t resist. They make your eyes pop, seriously if you can track one down as they are flying off the shelves, get one!


So that is everything I got from Sephora at an excellent price for excellent products! So if you are heading to the US (which you should now be planning simply for Sephora) or willing to pay for shipping online then go, go, go! I hope you love it as much as I do and find a wonderful bargain!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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