21st Birthday Celebrations!

So I have been MIA this last week as I have been celebrating turning 21! I have had such a fabulous week and this post is entirely dedicated to those who made it one of my best birthdays yet!

Friday 24th, Karaoke Night! 

Friday was super fun! My friends and I went to KaraokeBox in Mayfair and sung  at the top of our lungs! There was Britney Spears, Nikki Minaj, Jason Derulo and even High School Musical, all of them combined with cocktails made for a fun night. It was lovely to be surrounded by those who cared about me and had travelled from all over the UK to see me! I would highly recommend a visit to a karaoke bar to celebrate a birthday it was fab! After karaoke we headed to Wetherspoon’s and enjoyed the cheap beverages on offer which led us to Zoo Bar in Leicester Square which was free to get into! We had a great night and I shall never forget it!

Heres a pic of all of us!


Saturday 25th, Pizza Party!

I woke up on Saturday feeling a tad worse for wear but it was nothing a large mocha couldn’t fix! I headed home after dropping my friend off at the coach station for more celebrations. My mum, dad, grandma and two of my closest friends from home headed to Pizza Express. I got there and the table was covered in teeny ’21’ confetti and a lovely balloon and it was adorable! The meal was scrumptious and company fabulous! There was the slightly awkward moment when I thought I was eating a free dessert which turned out to be my mums! Luckily I hadn’t quite finished it!


Sunday 26th, Afternoon Tea!

Sunday called for a visit to my grandad who had his room blazoned with ’21’ balloons and banners! I then opened my presents and ate some cake which was yummy! I was very lucky and got the most beautiful camera (which you will see many shots from in the near future) and all the accessories a girl needs to go with it! Here is my classic birthday shot:

IMG_9431.JPGAfter the cute afternoon, mum and I headed back to London town for the evening and the excitement was creeping in even more about my actual birthday!

Monday 27th, My Birthday!

EEEK! Although the weekend has been fab and I was super excited for it all there is no feeling like waking up on your birthday! You feel like a child again! I opened up my cards and some gifts that came in the post and then had to head to uni, ew. Luckily it was my best friends birthday also so we had cake and gifts together which made the day a lot more bearable. When I got back to the flat, mum had tidied my room, stocked up my fridge and laid some gifts on the bed. It was so cute! I finally got my Ravenclaw scarf so I can now represent for real now! Mum and I then headed to Oxford St and Regent St to view the beautiful Christmas lights which lead us through to New Bond St and Carnaby St. We then headed to Covent Garden and experienced the magic even more! We had a lovely dinner at my favourite restaurant Bella Italia and I got to practice with my new camera (see next post) and it was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend!

Here is a sneak peek at my photos:


So my celebrations were wonderful and I had the most fabulous birthday! I am so grateful to those that helped me celebrate and got me gifts!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

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