Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival!

Hi everyone!

A lovely British tradition of standing by a lovely warm bonfire, eating toffee apples and donuts whilst oohing and aahing at the sky happens every year on the fifth of November also know as Guy Fawkes night. So this year’s firework extravaganza took place at Alexandra Palace in North London! I was extremely excited to be going to my first ever Guy Fawkes in London, I have been to many adorable village ones but this was a whole new experience.

My friend and I got there about two hours before so that we could explore and there was so many aspects it was a good thing we did! First we headed towards the fairground but we are both children so the big scary rides were heavily avoided and the shooter games where we could win giant teddies were the first port of call (see pic below). I only managed to get three of the seven sticks down so won a cute little bear whereas my friend got six so hers was slightly bigger but it was so much fun! We then headed to the bumper cars and lets just say you could tell neither of us have our drivers license – we were the only car going round and round in circles!


There then was a random fire festival which involved women spinning in hoops whilst being pushed around. We didn’t really see enough to understand but I bet it would have been good if you stuck the whole thing out!

We then headed up the huge hill, I am not even kidding my thighs still ache it was that steep. We took our seat, waited for an hour in the freezing cold and awaited the spectacular display we had been promised. Suddenly a voice echoes out telling us the show will start in 30 minutes. However the sky lit up with lasers and they bounced and leaped through the sky in time to the song that was playing, it was brilliant. After twenty minutes of this it was pretty intense on the eyes but watching the lasers create a light show on the palace was beautiful. Then suddenly the snap, crackle and pop of fireworks started and I have never seen such a wonderful display. They lasers intertwined with the rockets, the catherine wheels span in time to ‘In the Jungle’ and the audience sang along. It was really something.


The only downside was leaving. The huge crowds taking slow slow steps and even stopping at the red lights for some bizzare reason. The platforms were packed at Alexandra Palace so we moved on to Wood Green which thank goodness was a lot less busy and I even managed to get a seat on the tube which is rare in any case!

I would highly reccomend going to see the fireworks at what I have learnt is reffered to at ‘Ally Pally’ they are incredible and truly unique! I had a fabulous time and am defintely going to book tickets for next year. Who knows? Maybe I will see some of you there!

Much Love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤






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