The Future is Female

Hi all,

I hope you are having a good week full of joy but also full of reflection. If you didn’t know this week has been extremely important for society as we celebrate the fact women gained the right to vote exactly 100 years ago. I have to say I was unaware until I saw it on the news and for this I felt really guilty. The Suffragettes made sure we had the beginnings of an equal society and as a female I feel like it is my responsibility to keep that up.

So over the last couple of days I have been going about my daily life with these women in my mind. I am able to complete tasks, speak up and have the freedom of choice because 100 years ago a group of very strong women chose to fight the system. I started to realise that I am so lucky to do what I do each day as ten decades ago I wouldn’t have had the chance.  I am able to study at University, withdraw money from my very own account and have my name on my tenancy. I can dress how I please, speak my mind honestly and I am not looked down upon for not being married by a certain age. I am able to choose who I want to run the country and I can access any career path I choose. One hundred years ago none of this was possible for women, how lucky we are to be living the lives we are?!

I started to look up some of the key people from the Suffragettes to see what they said about the time and it was really inspirational.

The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation because in the degradation of woman the very fountains of life are poisoned at their source.” Lucretia Mott. 

I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone, and then you get a great mosaic at the end.” Alice Paul. 

I’d rather go down in history as one lone Negro who dared to tell the government that it had done a dastardly thing than to save my skin by taking back what I said.” Ida B. Wells.

These quotes all reflect a group of women that were truly passionate about equality. They felt it was time to speak just as women continue to do today with campaigns such as Time’s Up. I find it really sad that we are still working towards a future that these women worked so hard for. They saw women as strong and vibrant which was strange to the society of that time, is this still happening? Women are still degraded, still put down and are still having trouble receiving the same equal measures as men. The Gender pay gap is still a huge problem and the glass ceiling is still hard to break even after 100 years of fighting for equality. So I got thinking, what can I do to help? How can I help the Suffragettes continue their legacy? How can I help the women of our society be strong and vibrant?

That’s when it hit me, the best thing I can do is aim for what I really truly want. How could I not when women were force fed and tortured for my equality? How could I not go for my dreams when they had been through so much for my future? So this week I have been looking at MA’s, audition notices and got some headshots done as my dream is to act. I have recently found my dream again, it got a little lost amongst the stress and anxiety of the last five years, but since moving to London I have rediscovered my passion for the stage. I am excited for the future and don’t feel despondent as I know that I have a chance.

I can also speak out against what I think is wrong. Women a century ago were seen as unusual for speaking up, I have this opportunity without such horrible consequences. If I see something I disagree with, I am going to tell the world! Perhaps just little old me doing that can change history just as The Suffragettes did.

Let’s not forget that The Suffragettes fought for us to vote, so why did nine million women not turn up to the last vote? Perhaps you thought it wouldn’t make a difference but even the smallest of voices can have the biggest impact by fighting for what they believe in. I do vote but I am going to make sure that in the next election I spread the message to vote, since seeing how the Suffragettes struggled for such a simple action of voting it is impossible to not to get as many people as possible to go and put a cross in a box!

Finally I am going to continue to do what I love! Blogging is the perfect place to voice your opinions, to talk about your passions and express yourself freely. I love the support and community that comes with it and how accomplished it makes you feel when you get people reading your posts! I am going to carry on expressing myself and even if I can make a difference to just one person I will feel super happy!

Let me know what you are going to do to continue the Suffragettes legacy by leaving a comment ❤

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤



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  1. omg yes follow your dreams girl! How freaking exciting!

    It’s so incredible to see how far we have come as women and how much more freedom we have than the generations before us, but we’ve still got a hell of a long way to go! Good for you babe, all the best with your headshots and auditions!! xx

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  2. Yessss such an important topic!! Its crazy to think about that just over a 100 years ago, women couldn’t even vote – and now many take it for granted. I’ve been thinking a lot about the women who fought for these rights as well, it reminds me that everything we have is not a given and that people have died for what we have. Very inspiring, being unapologetically female is the best way to celebrate in my opinion!

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