Hugh Jackman on Tour: It’s everything you ever want, it’s everything you ever need.

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much to everyone that read my latest blog post all about my return to society after being unwell for so long. It means so much where you have been with me from the beginning or joined me last week, I am so honoured that you find my little life interesting!

As some of my seasoned readers may know I love the theatre and my ultimate dream is to act professionally. I have had many idols over the years that inspire me to chase that dream from Anne Hathaway to Dame Judi Dench and last night I was able to see one of my idols in person. I got last minute tickets to Hugh Jackman ‘The Man. The Music. The Show.’ and it was incredible.

Hugh Jackman has been in lots of musicals over the years from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in the mid nineties to the major motion picture ‘The Greatest Showman’ in 2017. His enthusiasm for the arts and his humble nature are what inspire me whenever I see him on screen. So when I got the opportunity to see him live on stage, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

We got to our seats nice and early to avoid the surge of crowds as the venue seats 20,000. I wasn’t sure what our seats would be like as they were on the side but luckily they were brilliant. Pictures don’t do the view justice but here is a snap anyway!

The view from our seats!

I would highly recommend sitting at the side as you could see everything, all the dancers, the band and Hugh himself. I feel if you were sat at the front face on it might have appeared slightly two dimensional.

The lights dimmed and the crowd screamed. Suddenly ‘Ladies and Gent’s this is the moment you’ve waited for’ echoes around the arena and I knew I was in for a great night. Hugh Jackman came out in all his finery and sang beautifully. He finished a couple of songs from The Greatest Showman and started talking to the audience. What was really wonderful was that even though you were in a room with 20,000 others it felt like he was talking just to you. His anecdotes were personal, funny and intimate. His observations of our country extremely accurate and his humbleness and modesty are to be admired.

Even though you were in a room with 20,000 others it felt like he was talking just to you

He sang a few more songs and then announced he had a surprise special guest. I knew Robbie Williams had been at the beginning of the week so I was fully prepared to sing Angels at the top of my lungs but then Hugh Jackman started talking about Eddie the Eagle. I suddenly got very excited, hold my breath excited, and on walks Taron Egerton. He is playing Elton John in ‘Rocketman’ so naturally the opening bars of ‘Your Song’ came on. Many of the audience members including myself put on their torches and swayed to the music which made the atmosphere incredible.

Here is Taron Egerton!

Taron Egerton was not the only guest Hugh Jackman had got to come along. Keala Settle also turned up. She gave a spine tingling performance of ‘This is Me’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’. The whole audience were on their feet and singing along. We were truly united in self belief. Hugh Jackman had also invited along some aboriginal musicians from Australia who performed in the second act and gave an unbelievable performance including didgeridoos which I had never heard live before.

The first act ended with a dedication to ‘Les Miserables’, the film in which Hugh Jackman got an Oscar nomination and it was clear to see why. His portrayal of Valjean brought tears to my eyes. It was so evocative.

The second act opened up with a video of Peter Allen performing. I had no clue who he was but we soon learned we should find out. Hugh came on as Peter Allen shaking maracas and pulling audience members up onto the stage and teaching them to dance. It was fantastically funny and over the top. It was a new side to Hugh Jackman I had not seen before.

We also got to see Hugh tap dance in the second act which was excellent. He modernised the genre of dance by using more up to date songs which was really refreshing to see. He also showed us his love of film by singing and dancing some of his favourite old time musical numbers such as ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘Luck be a Lady Tonight’. I loved every second of this segment.

Finally we got towards the end, we knew this as Hugh Jackman pointed out he had two songs left so leave now if we wanted to beat traffic. He sang ‘From Now On’ one of my favourite songs from ‘The Greatest Showman’ and ‘Once more before I go’. I was so sad for the show to end as even though we had been sat there for three hours it only felt like mere minutes.

We had been sat there for three hours, it only felt like mere minutes

Learning all about Hugh Jackman’s childhood, upbringing, love life and career has truly inspired me to continue in the quest for my dreams. It may be a long road but seeing the happiness on his face shows me that it will be worth it. There is truly no question about it, Hugh Jackman is the greatest showman.

Thank you so much for reading,

Much Love,

Hannah (now very inspired) Jayne Artis ❤

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  1. Wow that sounds like a wonderful experience!! I’ve never actually watched those movies like Les Miserables (I know I ought to be ashamed) but I have heard him sing before! So glad you had a good time 😘

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