My Top Fifteen Binge Worthy Netflix Shows

Hi everyone,

As it is a wet and windy day I decided to write a blog post all about my favourite Netflix shows worth binge watching. As I have had the last year in and out of hospital, Netflix has been my saviour! Having a TV show to watch eased and distracted me from feeling unwell so I thought I would share my favourites.

15. Project Runway (Seasons 9 – 10 available)

This show is everything. It has drama, sequins, sparkles, terrible fashion, great fashion and Tim Gunn’s sassy remarks. I have placed it at 15 because there aren’t more seasons available and as dramatic as it is there is an element of predictability.

14. The Good Place (Seasons 1-4 available)

I watched this on a whim but hugely enjoyed it! It is all about the afterlife and whether people deserve to be in the ‘good’ place or the ‘bad’ place. It is full of twists and turns and is pretty funny. It ends after the fifth season so get watching! It is at number 14 purely because it started to feel a bit dragged out around season three and I got a little bored. However if you persevere it gets so much better.

13. Dead to Me (Season 1 available)

Dead to Me is a new drama, it has been placed at number 13 as it only has one season and I guessed part of the ending at the beginning. However, there is not only one mystery in the series so I was still gripped. Plus it starts Christina Applegate who is phenomenal in this series. If you want drama, sass and mystery, this is for you!

12. The Night Shift (Seasons 1-4 available)

If you love medical series like Grey’s Anatomy then you will love this. It is set in an army town and the majority of the doctors are soldiers. It is full of drama, suspense and also happy moments. It shows you all aspects of a soldiers life and the challenges they face everyday. It also has it’s fair share of good looking guys. It is at number 12 because it got cancelled and I need to see more! (Photo: NBC)

11. How To Get Away With Murder (Seasons 1-4 available)

I had to put this on the list purely for the magnificent work of Viola Davis in this series. It is so intense and even though the team go through some horrific things together it is so lovely to see them pull together during a crisis. However, we have to wait a long time for each series and also I hate who they killed off in the middle of season 3 which is why it is at number 11.

10. Riverdale (Seasons 1-3 available)

I love this series. It has love, comedy, mystery, drama and a good dash of teenage angst. It is set in the town of Riverdale and each series has a central mystery that it revolves around. They did feel a little disjointed to begin with but the finale of season three managed to combine them which was fab! It does have some *weird* elements such as cults, the supernatural etc and also has an amazing musical episode each season (which some people don’t like) so it might not cater to everyone which is why I placed it at number ten.

(Image: Netflix)

9. Pretty Little Liars (Seasons 1-7 available)

If you are women aged 19-25 then there is a very high chance you’ve already seen this. If you have not, cancel your summer plans. This series is set in a high school and centres around a friendship group who start being threatened by the anonymous A, a year after the leader of their clan goes missing. It has everything you love about a romantic comedy combined with everything you love about a thriller. Plus there are about 120 episodes each forty minutes long so it is perfect for a marathon watch. However the ending sucked. Which is why I can’t put it any higher.

8. Jane the Virgin (Seasons 1-5 available)

This is such a funny, emotional and fresh series. It starts with Jane who believes she is having her annual smear test getting accidentally artificially inseminated by her drunk gynaecologist. The series then follows her through her pregnancy and raising a child whilst dealing with a love triangle between Jane, the baby daddy and her boyfriend. It has some happy, some sad and some hilarious.

7. Dynasty (Seasons 1-2 available)

Dynasty is a remake of the late 80’s show and it is brilliant. It is all about the Carrington’s, one of the wealthiest families in Atlanta. There is so much drama and quite a lot of death/murder. I can’t say much more without giving away spoilers. This deserves to be high in the list purely for Fallon’s amazing sassiness and eyeliner alone. I couldn’t put it too high however as there are only two seasons so far!

6. Good Girls (Seasons 1-2 available)

This show is about three mothers who are struggling for money so decide to rob a grocery store. Unfortunately the money they stole belongs to a gang leader so they have to work off their debt. I love it because it shows just how easy it is for anybody to fall on the wrong path. Even a suburban mum can become so desperate she turns to crime. Ruby and Annie’s one liners are also amazing. However there are only two seasons so I couldn’t put it in my top three. (Photo: NBC)

5. Designated Survivor (Seasons 1-3 available)

I feel like this series doesn’t get enough credit. It is so good. It is all about what happens when the President, Vice President and all senior staff are wiped out by a terrorist attack. The designated survivor has to become President. It has a lot of drama, suspense and cliffhangers so it’s great to binge watch as you get to discover the truth right away!

4. Gilmore Girls (Seasons 1-7 available, plus four movie length episodes called A Year in The Life of what happened ten years after it finished)

I love Gilmore Girls for one main reason. It reminds me so much of my mum and I. Lorelai and Rory have such a close bond and are best friends first, mother and daughter second. It is a lovely series that doesn’t involve anything scary or anxiety provoking. It is perfect for a rainy day with a pizza. You become part of their family. You feel every break up, happy moment and funny scenario with them and I love rewatching it.

(Photo: WB/Photofest)

3. White Collar (Seasons 1- 6 available)

This is another overlooked show. I never see anyone talking about it and it’s time for that to change! Imagine Hustle (if you haven’t seen that add that to the list) and your favourite police drama combined into one and you have White Collar. It’s all about a conman played by the beautiful Matt Bomer escaping prison which in turn lands him a deal working with the FBI to solve and predict crimes. It shows both sides of the con and of course the complex relationship between criminal and detective. It really is brilliant and Willie Garson plays Bomer’s sidekick who is hilarious. It has ended now but it ended perfectly.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Seasons 1-6 available)

Andy Samberg. New York Police Department. Chelsea Peretti. Terry Crews. Need I say more? I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine it has such an amazing way of discussing important issues such as sexual violence, LGBTQ+ rights, racism and sexism. It is hilarious yet poignant. Chelsea’s character Gina offers up genius one liners, Andy Sambergs’s Jake teaches us to laugh at ourselves Melissa Fumero’s Amy Santiago teaches us it’s okay to be a nerd and Terry Crews Terry reminds us how much we love yoghurt. It is wonderful!

  1. Friends (Seasons 1-10 available)

I had to leave the best for first place. How can Friends not be in first place? It has a relatable character for everyone, it is super funny, has amazing guest stars, plot twists, we live the lives of the six main characters with them and it has a little drama but it is lightened up by the humour. Every time I rewatch it I can’t decide who I love more and I always notice things I hadn’t before.I know all the words to every episode much to the annoyance to whoever I am watching it with! I love that it is set in New York and I was lucky enough to see Monica’s apartment building and the fountain from the opening titles on my trip to NYC last year. I would love to see a reunion but it’s so unlikely which is why I am so glad Netflix decided to air it!

(Photo: Warner Brother Studios)

So there we have it. My top fifteen binge worthy Netflix shows. Thank you so much for reading and if you watch any of my suggestions I would love to know what you think! I guess I will see you at the end of summer now you all have about 1000 hours of TV to watch!

Much love,

Hannah Jayne Artis ❤

PS. Remember to buy some snacks, no Netflix binge is complete without the perfect snack.

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  1. I haven’t watched many of these I have to admit! I have of course seen Friends and still love watching that! I did watch the first season and a bit of the second for Riverdale but it all got a bit too silly for me! I have watched all of Pretty Little Liars tho!

    Chloe xx

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  2. Great list! The only one I’ve watched so far is the good place and I got a bit bored with it so will persevere as you suggest. I’m liking the sound of some of the others too. Time to get watching!

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