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This is me!


Welcome to Hannah Jayne Artis and thank you so much for visiting! I thought I would write a little about myself so you can get to know the person behind the posts.

I thought the best way to do this was through quick facts about myself so here goes …

  • I have been vegetarian for the last ten years. I decided to give up red meat at the age of ten and then became a fully fledged vegetarian at the age of 12.
  • I have dreamt of becoming a professional actress since I first stepped onto a stage at the age of three. My first role was The Good Queen in Sleeping Beauty as part of Theatre Train.
  • I am the youngest in my family. I have one older brother who is five years my senior.
  • I have travelled to three of the seven continents; The United States, Europe and Oceania.
  • I am obsessed with Friends, I have watched each episode at least ten times. Could I BE any more mainstream?
  • I love reading. I can read for hours and hours. At the moment I am really into thrillers, especially books I cannot put down and can read in one sitting!
  • I was a full time young carer my entire childhood until my father went into care when I was 18.
  • I am studying a BA in English at City, University of London. I will be going into my final year this September.
  • I have anxiety. This defined me for a very long time between the ages of 16-20 but I have got a lot better and find it to be part of me now rather than me part of it.
  • I love the theatre. If I could afford it, I would go to a show every night whether its be play, musical or one man show!

There we have it, ten speedy facts all about me! I hope this has allowed you to get to know me better!

Happy reading,

Hannah Jayne Artis โค

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